Proofing and Press Checking


Prior to printing, COG Promo will send you physical PDF proof (if ordered). It’s imperative that the client checks this proof thoroughly before we proceeding to production printing.

PDF proofs are sent for all COG Print jobs as a formality and will offer a very close representation of what the end project will look like. These Digital Proofs are mostly used for faster project san flower cost jobs.

We understand that not all our clients can supply artwork that has been prepared perfectly for press (thats our job right?!), check out COG Print file guidelines for more information. If required, COG Print can convert supplied files for a minimal fee.


This is checking our clients supplied files to make sure they’re set up correctly for production printing. COG Print carefully running thorough checks on artwork as if something goes wrong it’s no fun for our customers. We check our customers files for:

  • Trim size specifications match the print order.
  • Files are properly set up with correct bleed.
  • Fonts are either outlined or supplied.
  • Graphics are 300dpi
  • Correct casting of the PDF
  • Colour images and items are saved as CMYK.

COG Print will notify our customers and request a resubmission of artwork with any required corrections made. COG Print can convert your files to a print ready format for a minimal fee.


COG Print go to great measures to ensure your files are print ready – however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the client and customer deliver us the files to ensure they are in accordance with COG Print file guidelines.

COG Print does not accept responsibility if a job is printed faulty due to supplied files setup incorrectly. Our prepress process does not include spelling error checking or updating.

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